Mansfield Railport is equipped with two state-of-the-art 40 ton overhead cranes, heavy- and light-duty forklifts, loaders with pipe clamps, bucket, and forks, and an RBT Model 4255 Conveyor with a 42” Belt which allows us to handle a wide variety of commodities.

Mansfield Railport has a 400 ft. long by 25 ft. wide indoor recessed shipping and receiving dock with built-in rail with capacity for 7 railcars and 6 tractor trailers side by side. This allows for continuous loading and unloading, rail to truck, truck to rail as well as short- and long-term warehousing. Our 6 acre outdoor prepared storage site also has direct rail and truck access to accommodate commodities requiring a larger area for storage at economical rates.

Mansfield Railport has experience transloading steel coils, steel pipe, steel tube, zinc ingots, dimensional lumber, railroad ties, crane mats, animal feed products, and various other commodities both inside and outside. We can also transload and secure railcars according to AAR loading rules for outbound shipping. Our highly skilled team and specialized equipment allows us to handle your product in a safe and efficient manner, providing you with professional, timely service.

Inventory Management: Mansfield Railport works closely with our customers to keep an up-to-date and accurate reporting of their inventory. We work with each customer individually to meet their inventory management and reporting requirements.

Complete Logistics Package: Mansfield Railport will customize our services based on your requirements for transloading, load securement, indoor or outdoor storage, inventory management, damage reporting, billing, or other services.


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